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                                   HASH & HEMP MUSEUM

About the museum

About the museum

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is the oldest and most important museum in the world dedicated to Cannabis Sativa L., also known as hemp or marijuana.

The museum manages and exhibits a unique collection that encompasses all aspects of cannabis, functions as a knowledge centre, facilitates scientific research and plays an important informative role.

Museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona



Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148AmsterdamTelephone: +31 (0)20-6248926Opening Hours: Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 



Address: Carrer Ample 35BarcelonaTelephone: +34 93 319 75 39Opening Hours: Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 

Medicinal marihuana

Medicinal marihuana

Cannabis was widely used as an ingredient in nineteenth century medicine, during the golden age of its therapeutic use. The museums house a unique collection of cannabis medicine bottles.

History of hemp

History of hemp

Did you know that industrial hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops on earth? Learn all about the industrial use of hemp in our museums.

Making hash

Making hash

 Hash (also called hashish) is made from the sticky substance (trichomes) found on marijuana. Some methods are thousands of years old. 

Back to the Future

Hemp: Back to the Future

 Our new exhibition "Hemp: Back to the Future" shows us an old solution to new problems: hemp plastic.

Women of Cannabis

We are Mary Jane: Women of Cannabis

The museum in Amsterdam explores the role of women in the world of cannabis in the exhibition We are Mary Jane: Women of Cannabis. 

christopher columbus

Christopher Columbus

The base of the Columbus monument in Barcelona is richly decorated with weed leaves. What is the connection between Columbus and cannabis?

Knowledge and facts about cannabis

Our museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona are dedicated to the rich history and varied applications of cannabis and hemp, as well as the many opportunities they offer for the future.

Our aim is to show just how special this plant is. Below you will find further background information on how cannabis works as a medicine, the cultural and religious use of marihuana and hash, the industrial applications of hemp, the different types of cannabis, and what it is that makes hemp seeds so healthy.

The news section provides an overview of our activities and the special projects in which we are involved.

Cannabis species


Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is probably the most common form of cannabis worldwide and also the type with the most applications. 

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica L. is generally agreed to have originated either on the Asian subcontinent, or possibly in Afghanistan.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis

The name 'ruderalis' comes from 'ruderal', a term given to wild plant species which are the first to colonise land disturbed by natural forces or human activity.

Cultural cannabis

Many of the displays in our museums are devoted to the cultural aspect of cannabis use. Pipes and smoking devices from all over the world demonstrate how different cultures have imbibed marijuana and hashish: they illustrate the various ways to smoke weed. Some of these exhibits, such as the chillums, are traditionally used for sacramental cannabis - smoking as part of a religious ceremony; others, like the bong made from a hemp beer bottle, are mainly to cater for an agreeable high! 


Cannabis and inspiration

Cannabis has a long history as an aid or complement to inspiration in art, philosophy, music and most other kinds of creative human endeavour. Art and cannabis go well together.


The recreational use of cannabis

Cannabis is massively popular as a recreational drug. Across the globe, people – alone or in groups – enjoy joints, pipes, bongs and hookahs packed with hash or marijuana. 


Cannabis and religion

Cannabis was (and is) a sacred plant for many people and has historically been used in religious ceremonies in many cultures, from Southeast Asia to North America.