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Cannabis Lab Testing



What are the real risks of using untested cannabis? And why does the subject attract controversy and resistance? Dr. Donald Land, Chief Science Consultant at Steep Hill labs, breaks down truths and misperceptions surrounding cannabis safety, health and quality control during this eye-opening presentation about cannabis lab testing in today’s world. Learn to discern best testing practices and ensure your cannabis products are safe and tested properly. 

Treat Substance Dependence with Cannabis



As opioid and alcohol-related addiction and fatality rates continue to increase nationwide, the search for natural, viable, side-effect and addiction-free alternatives becomes more imperative. With increasing frequency, the research points to cannabis, promising higher rates of efficacy and lower levels of harm than pharmaceuticals. UC Berkeley’s Amanda Reiman, PhD joins our online cannabis class to illustrate how cannabis is best suited for this role. 

Understanding Cannabinoids



There are over 100 different cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant - the most prominent being THC and CBD. Noted biochemist, Samantha Miller brings her formidable scientific insight to this class to provide you with an introduction to cannabinoids and cannabinoid therapeutics, from what makes them work, their specific applications and the role minor cannabinoids play, to how to choose the best type of cannabis for your condition. 

CBD 101



CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and hemp that’s received a tremendous amount of media attention. But how does it work? Is it effective and safe? Is CBD from cannabis the same as from hemp? And what ailments and conditions can it truly help treat? In this online class, Martin Lee will unveil the latest research, science, and opinions about CBD so you can learn the truth about this fascinating cannabis compound.

Cannabis and Brain Health


1hr 1min 

Most of us are aware of the euphoric effects of cannabis on the human brain. But what about as a preventive measure to not only stave off dementia, but promote neurogenesis/restoration of brain cells? Michele Ross, PhD. leads this thought-provoking presentation, from an overview of the endocannabinoid system, and key receptors and mechanisms in the brain, to understanding how deficiencies in this network precipitate ADHD, PTSD, plus promising new therapies. 

PTSD & Cannabis



PTSD develops after a person is exposed to traumatic situations like sexual assault, war/combat, car accidents or other life-threatening events. The result can be debilitating symptoms that often don't respond effectively to traditional medications and therapies. During this online class, nurse and medical cannabis expert Bryan Krumm will share why cannabis can literally be the perfect treatment for people looking to heal from traumatic events. .

Cannabis - The Secret To Youth



Acclaimed author Joe Dolce spent 3 years researching and speaking to top health experts around the world on why cannabis might actually be a path to wellness. In this online cannabis class, he presents case studies on how cannabis successfully treated age-related illnesses like inflammation and insomnia, dissolved barriers to creative thinking, intimacy, and more – and how you can use cannabis to optimize your physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

How Nutrition Impacts Medical Cannabis



 Both food and cannabis have long been tapped for their respective natural, powerful medicinal qualities. But how well do they work together – or do they? Is there a particular superfood-cannabis synergistic combination, or is it most effective on an empty stomach? Laura Lagano from the Holistic Cannabis Academy joins our online cannabis class to shed light on the role food plays in helping and/or hindering the cannabis healing process. 

Glaucoma & Cannabis



“The First Lady of Medical Marijuana”– retired nurse, author and medical cannabis pioneer - Alice O’Leary-Randall joins this Green Flower online cannabis class to provide a historical framework around cannabis and glaucoma, share her personal experience as the caregiver for the very first Glaucoma patient treated with cannabis in the US, explore various treatment methods, and reveal new strategies in fighting the disease. 

Insomnia & Cannabis



Uwe Blesching, PhD, will help unwind the most common underlying causes of insomnia along with the problems associated with the typical Western Medicine approach. He’ll help you understand the plethora of healing modalities that have proven abilities to improve insomnia symptoms – and how they are significantly and naturally enhanced with cannabis. 

Depression, Anxiety, & Cannabis



5 short videos on this

In these courses, Jordan Tishler M.D. will show you an adjunctive, all-natural approach using medical cannabis to treat your anxiety and depression. He’ll teach how cannabis works within your body and brain to provide relief for these symptoms. He’ll give you guidance on the best strains and exactly how to dose and administer them. He’ll make sure you approach medical cannabis safely and in a way that actually improves your life. And he’ll make sure you understand the small risks of using cannabis so you can go down this path with your eyes wide open. 

Cannabis Edibles



Edibles are food and drink items infused with cannabis, and they are quickly gaining popularity. In fact, this is one area of the cannabis industry where the most innovation is happening and why more patients and consumers are starting to explore them as a preferred consumption method. During this online cannabis demonstration, Mandee Lee explores the top three pros and cons of cannabis edibles, to give you a better idea of your optimal delivery system. 

Autoimmune Disorders and Cannabis



 In this class, we will dive into the ways cannabis can be used to treat various auto-immune disorders. Michele will illustrate how cannabis interacts with the ECS system to maintain homeostatic health and balance. She’ll also discuss different compounds and components of cannabis, why they’re safer than opiates and other pharmaceuticals, and the various ways they can be ingested. 

Cannabis For Raising Consciousness


1hr 37min 

Cannabis has a wide spectrum of well-known uses, but one area that gets less attention is the spiritual and self-actualization aspect of the plant. Perfect for therapists, healing arts practitioners and those seeking personal growth from a more insightful, introspective cannabis experience, this online cannabis course with Charles and Barbara Whitfield, creates a template to help people eliminate conflict and ego-based discord and promote higher consciousness. 

The Endocannabinoid System 101



Discovered in the 1980s, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is present in every human being and yet is taught in only 13% of medical schools. Responsible for regulation and balance, the ECS is the key to every interaction between cannabis and the human body. In this online class, renowned cannabis scientist Samantha Miller breaks down the mechanics of how cannabinoids work with the ECS and how this holds new promise in the treatment of major health disorders. 

Cancer & Cannabis



 Does cannabis help fight cancer, and if so, how? Can it work in conjunction with traditional therapies? Might it be the perfect approach to soothe the side-effects of traditional treatments? Join renowned medical cannabis expert Mara Gordon for an online course on the use of cannabis for a variety of cancer therapies, and even as a front line treatment. 

Cannabis Topicals: 5 Must-Haves



Cannabis topicals come in an assortment of products from oils, to lotions, to salves. Join Mandee Lee for this online cannabis tutorial as she discusses five of the most popular types of cannabis topicals on the market and how to select the ones that are right for you. 

Replacing Rx Drugs & Alcohol with Cannabis



As opioid and alcohol-related addiction and fatality rates continue to increase nationwide, the search for natural, viable, side-effect and addiction-free alternatives becomes more imperative. With increasing frequency, the research points to cannabis, promising higher rates of efficacy and lower levels of harm than pharmaceuticals. UC Berkeley’s Amanda Reiman, PhD joins our online cannabis class to illustrate how cannabis is best suited for this role. 

Sex, Intimacy, & Cannabis

Sex, Intimacy, & Cannabis


 In this online cannabis class (perfect for viewing with your partner) Dr. Jordan Tishler reveals why cannabis could help resolve many of the sexual intimacy and relationship challenges couples face today. He explores the cause of these problems, how cannabis works differently between the sexes, how cannabis can increase desire, arousal, orgasm, and what to avoid when pairing cannabis and sex. 

Replacing Opiates with Cannabis

Replacing Opiates with Cannabis

1hr 13min 

 A pharmaceutical pioneer, Stephen Goldner came to prominence as the co-creator of liquid methadone - the groundbreaking treatment for heroin addiction. Now, he’s turned his focus to cannabis and has some promising, potentially game-changing developments in the works, with the potential to curb the country’s opioid epidemic. Join us for this exclusive online class with a true visionary on the scientific (and bureaucratic) forefront of cannabis innovation. 

Pregnancy & Cannabis



Stacey Kerr, MD, decided to do a deep dive into the research about cannabis and pregnancy. Coupled with her experience serving a community that used cannabis heavily during pregnancy, she shares her findings in this online class including: whether it’s safe to use cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding, long term negative (or positive) side-effects, what the current research says, and guidelines for cannabis use during pregnancy. 

Pain, Cramps, Endometriosis & Cannabis



In this online cannabis class, cannabinoid specialist, Jessica Peters reveals how and why cannabis is suited perfectly for women, offering a host of treatments for women’s health issues, including relief from cramps, body pain, migraines, endometriosis and other specific feminine conditions. She also covers the cannabinoids and terpenes that are best for women, proper dosing strategies and specific female-friendly cannabis products. 

Seniors & Cannabis

Seniors & Cannabis


Seniors today are taking an enormous amount of pharmaceuticals to cope with the natural process of aging, and it’s having a terrible effect on their health and quality of life. Fortunately, cannabis could provide a safe, natural, side effect-free solution. In this eye-opening online class, nurse Eloise Theisen will share what she’s learned from working with over 2,500 seniors to help them effectively use medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. 

Cannabis Juicing

Cannabis Juicing


Did you know you can juice raw cannabis? Loaded with anti-oxidants, THCA and more, raw cannabis juice concentrates all the nutrients of the plant into a condensed liquid, full of more beneficial nutrients and vitamins than you could eat in one sitting. Cannabis is also a complete protein and provides the perfect balance of omega 3’s and 6’s! Join Mandee Lee for this online cannabis tutorial as she explores the 5 Things You Need to Know About Juicing Cannabis. 

Vaporizing vs. Smoking

Vaporizing vs. Smoking


Vaporizing cannabis has been gaining popularity as a method of consumption as it’s a MUCH safer and healthier modality compared to smoking cannabis. In this online cannabis demonstration, Mandee Lee explores 6 major benefits of vaporizing cannabis. 

Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Nerve Pain & Cannabis



Over 80 million people suffer from chronic back pain or nerve damage, and, for the longest time, opiates have been the prevalent treatment. But what if you could use cannabis instead and experience far better relief with little to none of the negative side-effects? Renowned medical cannabis expert Mara Gordon leads this online class exploring medical cannabis as a perfect solution to chronic pain. 

How to Choose & Use Cannabis Responsibly

How to Choose & Use Cannabis Responsibly


In this popular, information-packed course, Rev. Dr. Kymron De Cesare, herbalist, chemist, pharmacognicist from Steep Hill Labs, joins our online cannabis class to enlighten and empower people to use cannabis responsibly by debunking many core misconceptions and revealing astounding scientific truths about using cannabis for health - presenting medical cannabis from a physical morphology perspective and approaching it as medicine for health and wellness. 

How Cannabis Works in Your Body

How Cannabis Works in Your Body


 What happens in your body when you ingest cannabis, and why is it such an effective treatment for so many different conditions? During this online cannabis class, noted author Michael Backes explores how cannabis interacts with your endocannabinoid system to produce balance and healing, the different terpenes and how they influence your mind and body, how to ensure you receive the optimal benefits from cannabis without unwanted side-effects and lots more. 

Understanding Cannabis Strains

Understanding Cannabis Strains


Most cannabis consumers use the terms Sativa and Indica often without any general agreement as to what they mean. The truth is, whether the cannabis is green or purple, broad-leafed or narrow-leafed, may not be important. When cannabis is used as medicine, it’s all about the chemicals inside. In this online cannabis class, noted biochemist and cannabis expert Arno Hazekamp explores the Sativa-Indica difference from a chemical and genetic strain standpoint. 

Addressing Cannabis Fears

Addressing Cannabis Fears


Despite the growing mainstream acceptance of medical cannabis as a viable, effective treatment for a number of conditions, many patients are still reluctant to approach their physicians about it, citing psychoactivity, addiction and stigma issues as the top barriers to exploring this option. Fortunately, for this online class Jessica and Rachel Knox (both cannabis MD’s) address these concerns, popular myths, misconceptions and more.